The answers to these Frequently Asked Questions will provide specific details.  Additional answers will be provided during the interview.
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  • We sell final expense life insurance policies designed to cover funeral costs.  In most situations, we can insure almost anyone age 0-85. Most can qualify even with existing health conditions. Final expense insurance provides a valuable service to our community and the families of the people that need our help the most. They generally insure under $15,000 in coverage, but we can insure up to $30,000 based on certain health restrictions.

  • Final Expense is about offering a product that everyone needs, educating our community on its importance, and helping families. There is no better feeling than providing a product and a service that assists people at one of the most difficult times in their life.

  • R&B McCants Group in partnership with UBI only represents one (1) company… Lincoln Heritage Insurance Company, “The Leader in Final Expense”. Lincoln sold $310 Million in new business in 2015; more than any other Final Expense Company has ever sold in the USA in a single year!  With 50 years of experience in the industry, they have streamlined the process with a 1 page front only application, liberal underwriting guidelines, same day pay, health/dental/life benefits, residual income, company trips, and the best lead program in the industry.  We have no need to complicate the process when we have the best the industry has to offer.

  • Yes, please visit our page on licensing.

  • None! No Sales Or Work Experience Required!  We will train you regardless of experience.
    We only require:
    Positive Attitude, Competitive Nature, Good Work Ethic, Self-Starter, Self-Motivated, Trainable

  • Recent High School or College Graduates
    Business Owners
    Real Estate/Mortgage
    Auto Sales
    Sale Management
    Outside Sales
    Inside Sales
    Speaker or Sales Trainers
    Time Share Sales
    Door To Door Sales or Canvassing
    Any Hard Close Sales
    Customer Service Reps
    Bartenders/Waiters/ or Food Service
    Athletes (Anyone with a competitive nature)

  • New agents with zero work/sales experience typically average $50,000-$75,000 their first year. Your income will depend on how well you implement our training, and how much time you spend in the field.

  • You are responsible for the cost of obtaining your Life License.  Unless you meet the requirements and are hired into the Agent Internship Program, then we’ll pay the entire cost of licensing and pay you while you’re in the process.  You are not required to pay any out of pocket money for your leads!
    Where else can you start a business you can earn a 6+ figure income with benefits without years of school, money out of pocket, or any experience?
    If you are not licensed, apply on the licensing page to enroll into our Intern Agent Program.  We offer to pay you up to $30 hour (based on appointments set) while obtaining your license.  We will even pay all of your licensing fees if accepted.
    The lead cost is taken out of your commission and is never an up-front cost to you.  We provide all the training FREE, (both on-line and in the field) and you will have plenty of leads enabling you to make money your first day in the field

  • We are always looking for candidates with the right characteristics who want to move into management. You have to show us that you can follow our training, produce, and that you have the right attitude and characteristics to be a successful manager. The more you produce, the faster we will promote you on our Fast Track Management Program. You can be recruiting, training, overwriting commissions in 6 months or less

  • Generally most 2nd year managers will make $200,000-$300,000 based on production. Our regional managers all make at least $300,000 within 24 months of being promoted, top regionals can earn $1,000,000+ a year, with unlimited earning potential and huge renewals.

  • Our starting contracts pay residual income for 10 years, and our management contracts pay lifetime renewals.  Meaning that you are going to get paid year after year as long as they keep the policy.  Our starting contracts offer smaller renewals, but as your front end contract increases, so does your back end.  Our pay is structured so that those on the highest contract levels make the most renewals as well, because they have worked very hard to get there.  So, the harder you work and the more business you write, the more compensation you will receive.
    You will get paid a monthly check based on the as earned commission and your residual income after the first year, called a PAYTHROUGH.  Lincoln pays this starting the first month your clients make their second payment, they don’t make you wait 9 months like most companies.
    The owner guarantees that if you work 50+ hours weekly and follow our processes, you will break $1 million in retirement within 10 years.  

  • Most average writing producers will make $1,500 to $2,000 a month after just 12 months in business, on top of their normal commissions. Meaning at the beginning of each month they will get paid this, plus whatever they sell that month. This number can fluctuate based on the number of policies you retain and the amount of business you write.
    A top producer can exceed $4,000 monthly within a year. I’ll give you the blueprints on how you can duplicate this, but you have to do the work to make it happen!

  • Processing times vary by state, but you should be able to get fingerprinted, complete the prerequisite courses, and pass your test within 7 to 14 days.  Most states will issue your license within 14 business days, if you have supplied them with everything they need.  During this final waiting time you can fill out our contract and begin the training process.  You should be in the field making money within 3 to 4 weeks of starting the process.  And when you write business for us, you get paid the same day you submit it!
    If you’re accepted into the Agent Internship Program, we’ll begin paying you as you begin scheduling appointments. Usually within a few days of being hired and trained.

  • We require that you spend 40 hours a week in the field working your leads, but to become a top producer we recommend 50 hours a week.  The more time you put in the field (especially your first 6 months to a year) the easier this will be, and the more money you will make.
    If you are looking for another product to sell or for a part-time job, this is NOT the opportunity for you.  We are only looking to hire FULL-TIME agents. If you are transitioning from another career, you have two weeks to do so or your contract will be terminated. So if you can’t dedicate 120%, please do not apply.

  • Most agents take 15 to 20 fresh, local, exclusive leads a week.  Our top producers consistently work 30+ leads a week. With no minimum or maximum number of leads are required.

  • Different territories, agents, and leads have different ratios.  Our agency averages 43 policies written for every 100 leads taken, but this is because we work referrals, and sometimes write multiple policies in one household.
    If you are closing less than 25%, you are doing something really wrong. You really should be around 30% closing ratio.  If you are struggling, all you have to do is ask for assistance and we will help you to make the necessary adjustments to get your ratios up, and be successful.

  • We provide you with in-person training and materials to help further your education and prepare you for selling.

  • 80% of the first year’s annual premium plus renewals for 10 years.

  • Production, Production, Production!  Everything is based on personal production and your group’s production if you are a manager.  Equally important is Policy Persistence as we want the business to stay on the books.  There is equal opportunity for everyone in the company to grow, expand, and have an opportunity to earn our 100% contracts based on production.

  • We walk the fine line of obtaining the best quality lead for the cheapest price.  Our leads are never purchased or recycled.  They are obtained through our Television commercials, our direct mail program, and preset appointments.  Most leads are within a few days to at most, two weeks old and have not been worked by any other agents.  If the leads get beyond 45 days old we actually give them at a discounted price and eat the loss.
    Lincoln invests millions of dollars each and every year continually testing different leads to guarantee that we have the best Final Expense Leads out there!
    We order you leads in the zip codes you would like to work and we’ll always try and keep you as close to home as possible.  You must be willing to work within 45-60 minutes of where you live, but we’ll keep you as close by as possible.  The more time you spend selling the more money everyone makes!
    Plus, we’ve run TV commercials for years in every major area in the country making us a household name.  So whether you’re working a direct mail lead or a TV lead our company name is branded making it easier to sell.

  • No, we have lost millions over the years, because we are constantly testing new pieces to improve our program and stay the best in the industry.  Lincoln Heritage wrote $23 million in 2004 when we developed our own in-house lead program because of it we wrote over $115 million in 2013.  We make our money in production, not by selling leads.  I personally lose over $100,000 a year discounting leads, because I truly care about my agent’s success.  I also understand this is a lead driven business and without quality prospects for you to see daily you’ll never make any money.

  • We sell whole life Final Expense Policy, designed to cover funeral costs. This means it will accrue cash value, no increasing payments, or decreasing value (as long as monthly premiums are paid), and most people qualify (even those with pre-existing medical conditions)

  • Every company is going to have cancellations and most say you are doing well if you can retain 70% of your first year business in Final Expense.
    Lincoln’s national average is 80%. The reason is we have people in my office whose sole job is to do nothing but policy retention. They call all day long, mail letters, and work with agents to get their policies back on the books. This means that you get to keep and retain more of the money you make!

  • Yes.  All insurance companies have chargebacks if the client cancels within their first year, but we finance the charges.  Meaning that if you owe $1,000 in chargebacks we won’t hold all your commission until it’s paid like most companies.  We just withhold a small percentage so you make more money.

  • Our agents are out in the field working 15-30 fresh exclusive leads a week.  You have the ability to set and work your own schedule, but you must commit to a minimum of 40 hours a week.  It’s recommended that you start in the field by 9am and that you put in a solid full days work, until your goal is met.  If you fall short, work the following day until you make up your daily goal.  Most of the time is spent talking with people in their homes.  This is a true outside, in-home sales with leads provided.