About Us

R&B McCants Group is a final expense life insurance agency. It was founded by husband and wife team-Russell & Bertha McCants. The agency owners are also licensed life insurance agents. Through a partnership with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company (LHLIC) and Universal Benefits Insurance Marketing Firm, Inc. (UBI), R&B markets the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Plan. It is whole life insurance funded by LHLIC with a unique connection with the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) to provide consumer protection and planning assistance for families.

Russell (R) spent over 2 decades in sales as a regional manager for an international company. He has experience in field-training sales agents, managing sales teams and coordinating national conferences. He also has an abundance of experience working with people in communities, which fits with LHLIC-an old fashion company. At LHLIC, agents are field underwriters who go out into the community to serve families. Working the proven lead system, he was able to close so many sales that he decided to make a career change! He understood the “additional rewards” of a full-time partnership with LHLIC and UBI.

Bertha (Dr. B) has a heart for serving people in communities. Her experiences range from teacher to district superintendent. She was astonished when she heard about the awesome opportunity with LHLIC and UBI—to work a flexible schedule, educate in communities while helping families to secure needed benefits, and build residual income. She decided to take full advantage of the opportunity and also began traning unlicensed applicants to pass the Life Producer Examination per encouragement from her director, Furman Dingle.

In only 13 months of focusing on the LHLIC and UBI System, R&B McCants Group has increased their agency production over 200% and income nearly 50% to 6-figures. They want to share the system with energetic people in South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland and Delaware.

Are you willing to “do the work” full-time to create your path to success that will produce rewards beyond measure for you and your family?

2 Year Growth Overview

  • 50% Income Increase
  • Over 200% Agency Growth

Through strategic goal setting and hard work, they have retired and learned the intricacies of the final expense insurance industry to create their second careers as business owners.

UBI Agents, Managers and Directories